Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why am I here, anyway?

This particular folly began when I was linked to Twisty's blog, I Blame the Patriarchy. I'd been considering getting into feminist blogging for a little while, but this is really what did it. It was described to me as "the funniest blog ever"- and not because the linker appreciated Twisty's wit. It turns out that this person finds feminist blogs funny, because just blogging while feminist is "radical".
"You have to admit, though," I told them, "that there's something sick about being told we need to color our nipples."
"That's not sick," I was told. "That's capitalism."
Okay, sure. Lesson learned: if it's capitalism, there's no way there's something wrong with it. At that point I ended the discussion. Should I have? I don't know.
There's a lot I don't know. I'm under 20, only recently identifying as queer, and while I've called myself a feminist since the age of 14 (when I attended a summer camp at Oberlin college and found, joy of joys, a couple of magazines in the periodicals section of the library- bitch and Off Our Backs), I've only recently become vocal about it. And as a young hipster, I'm supposed to put up with the "ironic" normalization of things like porn and stripping. Not to mention those skeevy American Apperal ads. Gross.
So here I am. I'm not sure what it is I'm looking for from blogging- learning, I think. Maybe a place to post photos of my dog while complaining. Or maybe just some obscene e-mails from clueless folks who think I "just need to get laid". I look forward to all of these things (but maybe not so much the e-mails).
Let's get started, I guess.


P.S. As for Twisty, at first I wasn't too sure about her views. Do men really hate me? I'm still not sure. I am pretty sure she's right about marriage, though. And the more I read, the more I like her.